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A Nutritional Philosophy Inspired by the Love of a Family Pet

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Natureru Dog Food
5 lb dog bag illustration
Premium and Super Premium Formulas, 5lb, 11lb, 22lb
Natureru Cat Food
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Premium and Super Premium Formulas, 5lb, 11lb, 22lb

Natureru Maximum Strength Joint Support

Who is Natureru Pet Food?
Natureru is a West Coast(California) extruded dry food manufacturer
  • Focused exclusively on co-pack and private label;
  • SQF Level III Certified;
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities;
  • Strategic west coast supply solution (located in Visalia, CA);
  • Highly capable, extremely flexible;
  • Dry Food ~ 250,000 ton (three extruder) capacity;
  • Baked biscuits ~ 30,000 ton ca

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Natureru Premium Dog Food- For Puppies and Adult Dogs

Fish and Ancient Grain Recipe

This unique formula was designed and developed in the United States to maximize the healthy lifespan of your dog. Natureru is supported by a blend of premium ancient grains and high quality organic protein sources. Using this specialized blend of wild caught Salmon, White Fish and Trout the Natureru brand will boost your dog’s essential amino acids for strong, lean muscles while promoting healthy skin and coat. Natureru is produced to the most exacting production and sanitation standards in the world insuring your dog’s food will be as safe as possible.  This proven formula has been introduced and sold widely in the United States to leading pet food retailers including Amazon,, Kroger, and many others. 

made in USA

This recipe features:

· Prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy digestive system
· Ancient grains providing high fiber and life-sustaining amino acids
· #1 ingredient real Salmon and supplemented with real White Fish and Trout
· Omega -3 and 6 fatty acids supporting a healthy skin and coat
· No by -product meals;  wheat, corn or soy
· A well balanced and complete formula providing energy for an active lifestyle
Commitment to Food Safety
  • Natureru Pet Foods has maintained compliance with SQF since June 2013.
  • In May 2018 complied with SQF Edition 8.0 after a 3-day unannounced
  • Re-certification audit was completed in May 2019, 91/100 score
  • In May 2019 FDA completed a 2-day FSMA GMP inspection, no 483 was
  • PPF QA Team members participate nationally on PFI and AFIA Quality and
    Food Safety committees
  • Quality KPI’s are reviewed monthly as part of Management Review Meetings
  • Two Perten NIR’s are utilized for in-process protein, moisture & fat testing,
    along with moisture analyzers and water activity meters. (As well as the
    same on incoming ingred
Highly Capable Supplier
  • Our extrusion plant design and engineering team has built a state-ofthe-art, fully capable plant that allows us to meet needs for today and
    has us prepared for the future:
  • Three complete processing lines;
  • Traditional, corn based dry kibble diets for dogs and cats;
  • Fresh meat inclusion (meat first – approximately 25% inclusion rate);
  • Sophisticated blending capabilities during he packaging process allows for
    highly accurate “inclusion” blending;
  • Flexible packaging capabilities (most bag sizes and package types) – five
    packaging lines in total
  • China White Listed Manufacturer; Premium and Super Premium
    Formulas that match leading international manufacturers
  • Approved exporter and supplier of pet food and pet treats